On The Mend is an all-female holistic healing retreat that emphasizes self-love, community and various modalities to support those who are recovering from trauma. We curate intentional space for survivors to discover what brings them “back home”–in mind, heart and body.



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Idyllwild & Joshua Tree, CA
Spring 2019

Willamette National Forest, OR
Fall 2019



No longer wants to avoid, numb, deny or hide her pain.

Is willing to face her past and pain head-on, with the intention of moving through it.

Is tired of being ruled by uncontrollable emotions, negative thoughts, and destructive behaviors.

Wants to live a life of peace, joy and acceptance—not bitterness, anger and hatred.

Longs for community and a support system to walk beside her, not in front-of or behind her.

Recognizes that healing is hard work, but worth the reward.

Is open to exploring multiple forms of healing.



To protect ourselves in the face of trauma we often disassociate from our minds, hearts and bodies. However, we often fail to then “reassociate” or move through our trauma—causing us to be mentally, emotionally and physically trapped in our pain. This detachment leaves us feeling helpless and out of control, as we fall to the mercy of negative and destructive thoughts, emotions and behaviors. As survivors of trauma and Heart & Body Healers, we understand not only how crucial reassociation is, but also the cognitive and somatic processes of re-bridging these vital connections.


Healing as a lifelong journey


Healing isn’t a single destination, but rather a lifelong journey. We will never be “cured” or “fixed.” Life following trauma will never be the same. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be better than we were before. We strive to empower our community with sustainable routines and support that will enable them to peacefully and positively co-exist with their pain. We’re in it for the long-haul. Are you?


Healing isn’t one-size-fits-all

We challenge the idea that one size fits all when it comes to healing. We’ve seen it in relation to our own suffering, and extensively in our work. For this reason, we’re passionate about offering and exploring the multiple modalities of healing—so that you can discover the practices and environments that are best suited for your healing journey.


Compassion thrives in community


Twenty + years of friendship and a handful of painful life experiences later, we’ve learned that healing is far easier done when walking hand-in-hand. And research agrees—as it highlights the benefits of community in relation to resilience. Bottom line, compassion (for self and others) thrives within a tribe. So we created just that. A supported place where women can safely and bravely find acceptance, love and hope for a brighter future.