I went to On the Mend Retreat not knowing what I was getting myself into. I did my best to not set any expectations and be completely open to the whole experience. But I was scared! Scared to share my story, scared I would be judged, scared to be on a retreat where I had no control over the food, schedule, etc. And scared that I would come back the same person that I was when I left. What a funny fear that is, because I did come back the same person, I came back with the knowledge and insight to understand that person. Which in reality is truly what I needed. How can I heal myself from my past trauma’s if I don’t truly understand how they affect me and molded me into who I am and the decisions I make? Em and Britt led me on a path of self discovery that years of self development books and therapy sessions couldn’t even address. Although I was sad to leave, I was very excited to get back to my life and put my knowledge to work. It’s been almost a month since the retreat and I feel I have so much more control over myself, my triggers, my emotions, and my life. I’ve gained a handful of new friends through the retreat that I would consider sisters, and I’ve never been the type to ever have girlfriends, as my childhood truly robbed me of that bond. Everyday I’ve become stronger, more confident, aware, and more loving than I ever thought I could be. I wish everyone could experience this retreat and understand themselves on such a deeper level. I came back with the tools and knowledge to grow into the woman I’ve always wondered if I could ever be. I couldn’t thank these ladies enough for teaching me how to write the manual on how to operate myself. Thank you for helping me to feel comfortable not only in my own skin, but also to feel comfortable in the world I live in.
— Portia, Colorado

On The Mend was an experience I will never forget. This retreat blew away my expectations. I learned so much about myself and my healing, and got to make lifelong friends as well. I have never felt so outwardly loved and supported. I can not stress how important this retreat is, especially if you are needing time and space to heal— you will not regret it.
— Abigail, North Carolina